The Endowment Trust Fund provides income for the continuing work of the Calgary Unitarians, while leaving a lasting recognition of contributions.

You can read the brochure describing the Fund here.


The Endowment Trust Fund invests money donated to it by members and friends of Calgary Unitarians.

The Fund’s investments are managed by Scotia McLeod as part of the larger Endowment Fund of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC).

By pooling our funds with those of the CUC, we obtain access to excellent professional financial management, socially responsible investing, and investment diversity. The CUC’s Fund is reviewed by the CUC Finance and Investment Committee to ensure it meets diversity and risk level requirements.

Each year, 5% of the average monthly fund balance is transferred to Calgary Unitarians’ operating budget, providing continued stable income for programs and activities.

Giving to the Fund

Please consider making a special donation to the Endowment Trust Fund that will have lasting benefit. Send a cheque to the Treasurer or make an e-transfer to, or use Paypal.



Consider making a bequest to the Endowment Trust Fund to support the future work of our congregation.

There are several ways that a bequest can be described in a will, including a fixed dollar amount; a fixed percentage of the estate; or the minimum or the maximum of those two calculations.

You can specify the bequest in a codicil, instead of modifying your will.