Refugee Sponsorship

Current Activities of the Refugee Sponsorship Committee

Since the completion of our year-long sponsorships of the Ethiopian and Iraqi families that we helped resettle in 2016 and 2018 respectively, we have received approval of our applications to sponsor a single Iranian man persecuted for his atheism; a Syrian family of three who fled their war-torn country; and an Eritrean family of five, fleeing a brutal and violent regime.  The Syrians and the Eritreans both have family members already residing in Calgary, and we are collaborating with members of Scarboro United Church in the resettlement of the Iranian man.  The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly slowed the processing of applications and issuance of visas, so we are still awaiting the arrival of all these newcomers.

We are also in the process of preparing applications to sponsor an Eritrean brother and sister in their early 20’s, who fled to Ethiopia (also not a safe place!) with their father, who has since died.

We look forward to welcoming these newcomers, getting to know them, and helping them settle into Calgary, including obtaining housing, English instruction, employment, and access to needed services (such as medical and dental care, banking, etc.); orienting them to life in this new country; and facilitating community connections.  Our committee members bring a broad range of expertise and experience to these tasks, and many hands make light work!  We welcome anyone interested to join us in these rewarding endeavours.


Tax receipts will be issued for all donations. All money donated will go toward Refugee Sponsorship, not the Calgary Unitarians.

Please contact the Refugee Committee if you wish to donate, want further information, or are interested in joining the committee.