Becoming a Member

Perhaps you have visited the Calgary Unitarians, have read and support the principles of Unitarian Universalism, perhaps attended Sunday services, or taken part in some of our events or adult courses, and read our newsletter and webpages.  Maybe you have taken the “Introduction to Unitarian Universalism” workshop.  You feel that this congregation could be a community and spiritual home for you.

We invite you to consider a formal connection with our congregation, by becoming a Member.  To do this, one must:

  • Affirm the principles of Unitarian Universalism
  • Be at least 16 years old.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Spiritual Home– Having a sense of belonging, celebration of joys, mourning of sorrows, a place of growth.
  2. Challenge– Striving to live by UU principles, to be the most ethical and caring person you can be.
  3. Personal Growth– Living in community teaches us about ourselves and others. A place to try out roles that stretch your capabilities.
  4. Acceptance– Here you will be accepted as a “soul in progress” with all your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Going Deeper – Deepening exploration and deeper sharing in small groups.
  6. Working for Change– Speaking for social/environmental justice, the worth and dignity of every human being.
  7. Rites of Passage– For Members, our minister performs Weddings, Child Dedications, Celebrations of Life, and other rituals.
  8. Voting Privileges– Vote at congregational Meetings twice a year to make decisions for the congregation.
  9. Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC)– Be a delegate to national and international UU conferences.
  10. Congregational Directory – your own copy of the Directory of Members and Friends (restricted distribution).

Responsibilities of Membership

    1. Responsibility to Participate – here are some options – your choice!:
    • Worship Services& Coffee Time afterwards – Come, be challenged and inspired, then share news with this warm community.
    • Adult Programs– UU Courses and small groups.
    • Making & Enjoying Music – Choirs and outstanding musical events.
    • Special Events – Such as Souper Sunday lunches, holiday dinners, annual Cabaret.
    • Social & Environmental Action Programs– Such as the Refugee Committee, the Pride Parade, promoting reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous people, the community garden, plus films and discussion.
    • Volunteering– Such as making coffee or soup, ushering, helping maintain the building, serving as a Board member, helping with the children or youth programs.
    1. Responsibility to be Respectful of Oneself and Others:
    1. Financial Responsibility:
    • Members contribute to our annual stewardship drive with a financial commitment, according to their means. A member makes at least one identified donation per year to maintain their membership.
Membership Application

Membership Application

Preferred Pronouns
Postal Code
(not shown in directory)
What contact information would you like published in the Church Directory?

Children (18 years old and under)

Attending Childrens' Program?
I would like more information about:
I would like to speak with:
Our church is supported by the contributions of its members and friends. Please check all that apply:
How did you become acquainted with Unitarian Universalism and with the Church?
Please check both boxes to complete your application. *

Media Consent

Media Consent

I have read and understood the above information. *
Photographs: I do / do not give the Unitarian Church of Calgary permission to use photographs in which I appear for the purposes described above: church bulletin boards, website, Facebook page and group, Enews and/or Quest. *

Becoming a Friend

If you feel that our church is a good place to be, but you are uncertain about becoming a Member, we invite you to sign up as a Friend of Unitarian Church of Calgary.  Friends are recognized in our by-laws as being in agreement with our principles.


  • Are in agreement with the Principles of Unitarian Universalism.
  • Are willing to participate in the life of the church.
  • Do not have voting privileges, but will receive all church communications and may sit on committees and teams.
  • Are included (if desired) in the Directory of Members and Friends, and receive a paper copy of this document.

To Register as a Friend: