Author: Rebekah

Summer State of Mind

Staff Summer Vacations Your staff have been working tirelessly to manage the changing times of virtual community and, this year more
than most, need some well-earned time off. July is vacation month, all staff off, as usual. Rev Debra has a sabbatical month in July … read more.


Kudos to Scott Bell, Barbara Lane and Marcia Epstein who have all
offered to train to learn how to do emails and other office duties
during the summer office closure.
Kudos also to our very hard working finance team of Alan Waugh,
Leslie Buckle, Bob … read more.

UpBeat News with Jane Perry

Just when you thought you wouldn’t get any music festivals this summer…the Internet comes through! It won’t be quite the same as being outside in a park with a thousand of your closest friends, but at least you can still feast your eyes and ears … read more.