Writing to your elected officials is an effective way to communicate your concerns to decision makers and advocate for solutions. This tactic can be especially effective when many constituents write letters about the same issue. Please join us in writing to Alberta Premier Danielle Smith

Our first campaign is directed to the Government of Alberta. The most important thing is for people to contact their own MLA and the Premier, requesting that they make more of an effort to provide programs for Albertans to get back on their feet

Want to do a tiny bit more? Send the same letter instead to one of the two Ministers listed below, and put your own MLA onto the cc line.

But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good; rather than spend three months crafting a beautiful two page letter, just send one that’s short and sweet. Here is a sample letter:

Dear Premier Danielle Smith

Re: Concerns of Albertans.

This is a letter of concern for the state of affairs in Alberta.

Alberta is presently in a state as the economy is not working on behalf of average Albertans.  The cost of housing continues to rise, the cost of food continues to rise, the cost of utilities continues to rise, the cost of insurance continues to rise.

I would request that you make an effort to provide programs for Albertans to get back on their feet.  To date we have seen nothing of significance.

We have seen Education take a constant hit without sufficient funding and Health Care also being hit with bad programming and lack of funds.

It is time you start working for Albertans versus making divisive moves and attempting to buy Albertans.

It is time to start paying off the debt, to fund Education and Health Care, to assist in creating affordable housing, to work to control the cost of food, insurance, and utilities.

Yours truly,

We are providing a number of ways for you to send your mail to the Minister.

  • Click here to download and print off a copy of the sample letter for you to send yourself
  • You can copy the letter above, edit it to your liking and send it as an email to the links below.
  • You can craft your own letter using the sample letter as a basis for you own.
  • and you can simply submit the below form which is a copy of the sample letter which will go to the Calgary Unitarians office, collected and sent to the Minister.
  • You should include your name, address, and postal code in the signature of the letter to show that you are a constituent of your riding or a resident of Alberta so the recipient will take your concerns seriously.
Letter to Premier Danelle Smith 2022-11-24

Here is a list of all the Alberta cabinet members https://www.alberta.ca/premier-cabinet.aspx

Are you in a different riding? Here’s where you can find your own MLA.