This Is Me: Kesha

A spirituality of service selected by Holly Noelle. While Kesha’s name may be new to some, many will have heard her songs – This Is Me, for example from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman (about Unitarian P. T. Barnum). A service sure to inspire.

Presenter: … read more.

A New Decade, New Possibilities

Calgary Unitarians serve as a place to nurture relationships, encourage personal growth and to collectively work for a just and sustainable world. As we enter the next decade what are our hopes?

Worship Arts Facilitator: Rev Debra Faulk and Marcia Epstein
Music: Music Director Jane Perry … read more.

New Year Resolutions and Possibilities

We start the New Year certain of what it is that we need to be doing to improve ourselves and our lives. Have you made your New Year Resolutions? What might happen if we instead resolve to be alert to possibilities?

Service Leader: Lynn Nugent
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