To Go In and Come Out: Faithful Acts of Sanctuary

While the word sanctuary is used in many different ways, it has a few specific meanings, both political and personal, with a few being the most common in our time. What does it mean to identify practices in line with Unitarian Universalist values? Can … read more.

Grateful Compassion

On this Thanksgiving Sunday we both acknowledge our many blessings and recognize our capacity for compassion. Often times with the trials of daily life and in these uncertain times, either can be a challenge yet are at the heart of our understanding of faith.

Presenters: Rev … read more.

Our Community a Sanctuary?

The introductory words in this month’s Reflections on the theme of Sanctuary includes the idea that “the sanctuaries in our lives do more than simply protect us. They also send us. They don’t just help us heal from our journeys; they also strengthen us for … read more.