Curious Exchange I: Cabin Fever

These times are creating innovative opportunities and the next two Sundays are an example. Our minister Rev Debra Faulk and Rev Shawn Newton Senior Minister with Toronto First are doing a virtual pulpit exchange. Today, Rev Shawn offers the homily; Toronto First musicians will provide … read more.

Making Waves, Sort Of – National Service

This would have been the Canadian Unitarian Council national conference and meeting in Halifax with the theme of Making Waves. Though it has been postponed, the Sunday Service will take place virtually with Norm Horofker, minister in Halifax, taking the lead. His working theme is … read more.

The Curious Spirituality of Quarantine II

Our “Spirituality of” services usually feature a musician. However, we are not in usual times and this is not the first time humans have needed to isolate due to disease. This morning we focus on the music composed during such times.