Come Back Stronger

It is now almost a year since we have been able to meet in person. Today we reflect on some of what we have learned and how it will take us forward. There are changes and possibilities ahead as we resolve to Come Back Stronger

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Love’s Resilience

On this day dedicated to love let us reflect on what our rally cry of “Answering the Call of Love” might truly mean for us, personally, as a community and as a denomination.

Presenter: Rev Debra Faulk

Worship Arts Facilitator: Cathy Welburn

Music: Music Director Jane Perry

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A Faith Worth Failing For

Special time 11:00 am
CUC National Sharing Our Faith Service

We often talk about Unitarian Universalism as a transformational faith – and yet to be transformed means to take a risk. How is it that we are adverse to taking such risks when it comes to … read more.