Where Are We Going: Moving Forward

A building is a space to gather, a place to reflect the values we hold, a resource for living out and sustaining our vision. There is a vibrant conversation happening about the physical space we occupy. This is a physical, emotional, mental and a spiritual … read more.

Journey of Abundance

Abundance can also be an orientation to life, an orientation that can be both demanding and helpful in these current times. This morning is also our Celebration Sunday, a celebration of the many gifts we each bring to our community.
Presenters: Rev Debra Faulk and … read more.

Life Journeys: Re-firing and Rewiring

Through the stages of life different issues come into focus, so it is with the journey of life, and there is wisdom in all ages and stages. This service will include a Croning/Saging Ceremony for all who wish to recognize their passage to elderhood.
Presenters: … read more.