Let There Be Light

Hinduism is our focused faith of the month, in part because of the celebration of Divali, the Festival of Light that happens this year in November. The story, symbols and the meaning of Diwali, of the inner meeting the outer, the kindling of the divine … read more.

Public Work as Soul Work

In the ancient western world, there was not a division between personal spiritual work and collective public work. This is seen for example in the Christian bible where there was only one word for both personal righteousness and public justice. It is seen in Plato’s … read more.

Sustaining Our Light – Note special time 11 am

Be part of the National Sunday Service, hosted by 5 ministers from across the country, including our own Rev Debra. During this music-filled service, our focus will be “Sustaining Our Light” and how we need each other to create community.

Click on the link  below to … read more.