Walking the Ancient Labyrinth Path


Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Perhaps in the spirit of mindful meditation, or searching for clarity or inspiration, or maybe for direction when the way before you seems blocked? Join us as we explore labyrinths – some history and some personal experiences inspired by … read more.

On the Threshold

On the threshold of her retirement, after 11 years with Calgary Unitarians, this will be Rev Debra’s final service. The congregation is on the threshold of new ministry. A service filled with music, leave-taking and possibilities.

Presenters: Rev Debra Faulk and others

Worship Arts Facilitators: Mary Anna … read more.

Islamic Liberation

Islam is the second-largest religion and also the most misunderstood religion in the world. It is a religion that calls its adherents to pursue wisdom by repeatedly commanding humans to seek knowledge to better under the Creator and His creation. Moreover, Islam calls humanity to … read more.