The Genocide Memorial Service — Rev. Audrey Brooks

June 10, 2022 at 10:30 am

From Unitarian Church of Edmonton

The Genocide Memorial Service
began as a witness to violence committed against human beings because of war, greed, ethnic cleansing, slavery, gender bias, colonial expropriation of land and people, religious persecution, neglect and political oppression that resulted in the deaths of family members. Each year people from all nations are invited to come, tell their stories and place a stone in a dry riverbed with the name of their family or country. This year’s theme is “The Lives of Our Children Matter”, for if the children are killed the nation ceases to exist. Participants include: Father Greg Faryna, Rector of the Edmonton Ukrainian Seminary; Lewis Cardinal, Trustee of the Parliament of the World Religions; Sofia Yaqub, Executive Director of the SHAAMA Centre; Satya Das, author and activist; Ukrainian Trio Zemlia; Jasmina Colic to speak about her son who was taken from her at Srebrenica; Metis poet Naomi McIlwraith to talk about bringing the children home. The Ubuntu Soul Singers will sing, “Angel Wash”. And “The Storm is Passing Over.”

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Hosted by: Unitarian Church of Edmonton