Jason Kenney stated a few days before COP26 in Glasgow that Alberta would be releasing a new climate plan “in the coming months.”


Our first campaign is directed to the Government of Alberta to prod them into action on this promise. The most important thing is for people to contact their own MLA and 1) ask when their new climate plan will come and 2) urge that this new plan be strong and credible.

Want to do a tiny bit more? Send the same letter instead to one of the two Ministers listed below, and put your own MLA onto the cc line.

If you want to elaborate on the climate impacts you see either in our own City or else on the news, great. If you want to reference some recommendations by a think tank like the Pembina Institute, great. If you want to use one of the quotes below, great. But don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good; rather than send three months crafting a beautiful two page letter, just send one that’s short and sweet. Here is a sample letter:

Dear Minister Savage,

I am increasingly concerned about climate change, and it’s clear that I’m not alone. I know many people who are afraid now that climate change will hit us harder and faster than they wanted to believe just a couple of years ago.

My understanding is that our Premier said around the time of COP26 that he would soon be announcing a new climate strategy for Alberta. When can we expect to see it?

I hope we will see a strategy that will make Albertans confident that we will not be seen as laggards in reducing greenhouse gas emissions when it is urgent for us to act. Yes, it will be difficult for a province that has depended heavily on gas and oil, but if we want a plan we can be proud of, we must show that we have a sure way to reduce our emissions significantly.

I look forward to seeing evidence of success in the important role you have to play.


We are providing a number of ways for you to send your mail to the Minister.

letter to minister Savage 2022-04-11

Here’s the email for Energy Minister Sonya Savage: minister.energy@gov.ab.ca

Here’s the email for Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon: AEP.Minister@gov.ab.ca

Another good person to cc is the NDP Energy Critic, Kathleen Ganley calgary.mountainview@assembly.ab.ca

Here’s MLA Jeremy Nixon’s email address: Calgary.Klein@assembly.ab.ca

Are you in a different riding? Here’s where you can find your own MLA.