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Food in freezers

Food Connections group wants to re-stock our freezers with homemade food items as in pre-covid times. We are asking [...]

Pride Team

HELP NEEDED! CU is forming a PRIDE TEAM to help plan our participation in this year's Pride Parade Sept. [...]

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Submission Guidelines for CU Media

At the Calgary Unitarians, we have two publications to share information about upcoming events:  the Sunday service announcements and the weekly eNews. When creating content, the two most important issues are word count and impact. For the first issue, the best advice is brevity. For the second, consider the “5 Ws: Who, What, Where, When, Why.” Not every publication needs all 5, but it’s a good place to start.

Sunday Service Announcements: This is the smallest space and needs the least content @ 50-60 words. This submission needs to be short and contain the most basic information, so we can accommodate as many announcements as possible. Think “What, Where, When”.

Deadline for Service Announcements is Thursdays 11:59pm.

eNews: For equal space to be given to as many events as possible without overloading recipients, the word count is 100-150 words. If you submit a website article on the same event, you can point your readers in that direction. Longer articles may be truncated in the actual eNews and have a link to the entire post on our website.

Deadline for eNews is Tuesdays 11:59pm. Send any submissions to