Minister: Rev. Debra Faulk

It is such an honour to have serve the Unitarian Church of Calgary for the last 11 years. It has felt, in so many ways, like a homecoming as this is the very congregation where my parents first recognized themselves as Unitarian and brought me along as a toddler. I was called by the Unitarian Church of Calgary in August of 2010. Now, in May of 2021 I will be retiring with a heart filled with the good work and learning we have done in our shared ministry together.

As a life-long Canadian Unitarian, I have found this religious tradition to be a solid foundation in my life. I hold a B.A. from the University of Victoria (Psychology / Anthropology) and a Master of Divinity degree from the Vancouver School of Theology.

I look forward to our last few months together as we reflect on this last decade and prepare for the next. Retirement will see me relocate back to British Columbia to be closer to friends and family including my five grandchildren.



Music Director: Jane Perry

I have been a church musician in Canadian Unitarian congregations since 2000, serving the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa (2000-2011) and Calgary Unitarians (since 2011). As Music Director at Calgary Unitarians, I conduct three choirs (UUphonia, Chor Vida, and the Coffee Choir), play the piano at Sunday-morning services, and work with our music volunteers to create concert events like An Afternoon of Chamber Music, our popular Silent Movie Nights. and UUphonia’s annual Cabaret.

I am a full-time professional musician in Calgary. My other work includes conducting One Voice Chorus (a mixed-voice ensemble for LGBTQ2 singers and allies) and the Calgary Renaissance Singers & Players.

I trained as a classical pianist, learned how to play jazz, and continue to enjoy a wide variety of music as a pianist, conductor, composer and audience member.  My twin professional passions are music education and building community, elements that find a natural home in my work with choirs.

When not at the church, I can be found sipping strong coffee and wondering how to convince more people to embrace the magical experience of singing in a choir.



Director of Religious Exploration: Sheila MacMaster

I’ve lived in Alberta most of my life, and in Calgary for the past twenty years. I am a believer in life-long education, and am currently finishing my Multidisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree (with a double minor of architecture and drama) at the University of Calgary. This means I bring a broad liberal arts education and many exciting ideas to our Children and Youth Religious Education program.

I also have over nine years experience as an Administrator and I’m very pleased to bring those skills to the position of DRE. With a young child of my own, it’s very important to me what our children are learning and I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

When I’m not at church, I’m often busy going on adventures with my family and being creative.