What Time or Talent Can You Donate

It is time to start thinking about our winter 2023 silent auction – what time or talent can you donate?

The annual Time and Talent Auction is a fundraiser for our community that invites members to share what they have with others in the community through a silent auction.

Prior to Covid the items that people chose to auction were manually placed on a sheet of paper with a price and the description of the auction item and displayed on the bulletin board in Wickenden. It was then open for people to bid on the auction item or items of their choice.

However, during Covid this process was not possible as the church was closed and the auction was instead done entirely on-line. With the on-line process the information pertaining to the silent auction was placed on the Unitarian website. Those that were offering an auction item and those that chose to bid on the auction item would phone Liz Blackstock who recorded the details.

What we have decided to do this year is to use a hybrid approach where there will be an on-line as well as a physical presence. There will be an opportunity to contact Liz Blackstock with your auction items or your bid but there will also be an opportunity to sign up in Wickenden.

Last year we had a very successful on-line silent auction in which we raised $7000, auctioning off various items such as delicious meals, computer tutoring, baked goods, house cleaning, dog, house or babysitting, knitting lessons, bridge lessons, bird watching and hiking trips in the mountains.

Giving your time and talent is a reward in itself – but this year anyone who donates their time and talent by February 28 will be entered into a draw for a $50 Co-op gift card.

The completion of the auction item offerings and the bidding will be March 6, 2023, at which time the people who have offered the items and the bidders of those items will be notified.

Blank Bidding Sheets will be available at Wickenden on the bulletin board and on the Calgary Unitarians’ website.

Please go to the Wednesday e-news for the link to our auction website or go to our website and type in “auction” in the search bar. You will see the full list of items available and highest bids so far.

Auction items and bids as well as questions, ideas or donations can be directed towards Liz Blackstock or e-mail at eliza77@telus.net.

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