What is Widening the Circle of Concern?

Six members of our congregation have joined with over 60 fellow Unitarians from across Canada on an 8 week journey  to Widen Our Circle of Concern.  What does that mean and how can you participate?

What is Widening the Circle of Concern?

It is a process of regenerating the soil for growth in our church community and individuals.

It is a process of de-centering whiteness in our congregation and community

The process of Widening the Circle, may

  • excite us,
  • cause a feeling of resistance,
  • give us hope for the future.

Part 1 On December 6, 2020, Calgary Unitarians approved the Right Relations Covenant!

It is worth a thoughtful read through:


Part 2 The process requires us to commit to the Responsibility Covenant

What is the Responsibility Covenant?                                  What do each of the panels mean?

“The Responsibility Covenant is different from the types of covenants we co-create within local congregations and is meant to supplement a well functioning group covenant. . . The term Covenant is used to signify the sacredness of the intent when a person decides to hold themselves accountable in this way. You will read below the process that was undertaken to create this covenant.

This Responsibility Covenant is meant to articulate how those of us with relative privilege will be responsible stewards of our internal experience while carefully choosing our actions when uncomfortable feelings and/or thoughts arise.

Most importantly, it is not meant to silence people who are experiencing oppression or marginalization. It is a tool to help people discover equity in taking up space for ourselves and creating space for others.”

Part 3 The Widening the Circle of Concern big questions are: 

  • What is the world calling us into?  Where do we want to be in the future?
  • How are we called to lead?  What roles can each of us play?
  • How do we currently perform hospitality and inclusion?  We are each relegated into teams with scripts, checklists, and duties – a job to do.

Questions for You

We want you to answer some questions. Think deeply about each question and how it speaks to you. Write down your answers, your ideas are important to the discussion.

  • Think of a time in your life when you were welcomed as a whole person? What did that look like? How did you feel?
  • Is there a way that more people can be “our” people?
  • How can each of us demonstrate hospitality?
  • How can we create a culture of Welcome?