The Huzzah! Page

A mighty big group of church folks have been doing mighty good work at Calgary Unitarians over the last fourteen weeks of this pandemic, and really stepping up when we needed them. Time to say thank you and HUZZAH!!!

  • the Tech Team, for setting up and maintaining our Calgary Unitarians Zoom subscription, and for educating us as to how it all works!
  • the AV Team and PowerPoint Team for stepping up in such a huge way over these last 14 weeks of Zoom Sunday services, steep learning curves, and new opportunities for teamwork and creativity
  • our Calgary Unitarians programme and administrative staff, for pivoting quickly with the changing face of activities and information-sharing during this pandemic, and adapting to the online environment with style and flair
  • the Website Team, for making sure our church website is up-to-date and user-friendly for any who may want to participate in our Zoom activities
  • the Physical Plant Team for keeping our church building safe and in good working order during these months of its closure
  • Arno Buruma for his willingness to help with any job, from the smallest to the largest, with his expertise and cheerful demeanor.
  • the Caring Team for responding with love to help ease the burdens of loneliness and isolation of our CU community members
  • the Community Garden Team for developing and maintaining protocols to keep our gardeners safe and their gardens productive this summer
  • the Finance Team, who have been working hard to develop ways to accept online donations and create new church-fundraising opportunities in the face of rental-income changes due to the pandemic
  • the Board of Trustees for their great teamwork and their amazing responsiveness to rapidly changing public-health requirements and their myriad effects on church life
  • the Board of Trustees again, for making a point of providing a constant reassuring presence in our Sunday Zoom services
  • the Worship Arts Team for stepping in and stepping up to assist Rev. Debra in the Zoom environment and a final mighty HUZZAH! to the whole Calgary Unitarians community for making the effort to get comfortable with the new Zoom environment and show up to online Sunday services, social meetups, children and youth programming, Vespers, sing-alongs and more! Your continuing cheerful participation in our online environment means our church community remains vibrant, caring, and welcoming during the current pandemic.

You’re doing a great job, Calgary Unitarians — keep up the good work!