Sustaining Our Light – National Service

Please Note this service will start at 11:00 MDT

Now more than ever we need to be grounded in connection, in hope, and in love. As the cycles of the seasons teach us the gifts of the dark as well as the light, we still need … read more.

Thresholds – New Beginnings

We are on the threshold of a new era in our community and many of us find that this past year has moved us to personal transitions. Join Pam and Marcia as they explore the processes of change.

Worship Arts Facilitator/Presenters: Marcia Epstein & Pam Rickey

Music: … read more.

All My Relations

Mystical connections in the physical world and physical connections to the mystical world.

Sharon says: “The life I have lived has countless times revealed a mystical side of life that has become as real to me as sunlight. One would think this was a simple, magical … read more.