The Celtic tradition of the Lammas Fair, stories of Lugh of the long arm. Everyone to bring some “first fruits” (could be raspberries, peas or beans, rhubarb, or the like), and a little piece of bread.

Presenters: Brandis Purcell & Daria Skibbington-Rofel

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Goddesses & Feminist Spirituality

Not just for women! This service will explore the role of goddesses in ancient spiritual traditions, the journey (often disguised) of  Sophia, or wisdom, through the history of western religions, the recent rise of a feminist religiosity, and what a re-embracing of godesses and feminine … read more.

UU Hysterical Society

Sometimes humour is the best messenger.  Come prepared to laugh while you learn. Mary-Anna Louise will present comedy sketches with deep meaning from the UU Hysterical Society.

Presenter: Mary-Anna Louise

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Designing Space for Social Justice

As we begin to repopulate our physical spaces in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, our new member Lillias Cowper, will address the opportunity to consider the ways in which space can be designed to foster social justice. An especially important topic for our community … read more.