Freedom on the Journey

How can we understand the world so that we can be free of the suffering that shadows all human lives? Where do we find joy and love in the midst of ever changing conditions? What can we do to save all living beings? This talk … read more.

What Is Possible?

As we begin to emerge from this 2020-21 winter, many of us are asking: “What now?” What is possible now, how do we prepare for what we now know the future might hold, and how do we prepare our spirits for … read more.

Widening the Circle

There is currently significant continental denominational attention on addressing anti-racism and adopting a proposed 8th Principle. Calgary Unitarians have been engaging in anti-racism work and continue to do so, as individuals and as a congregation.  Let us begin the 8th Principal conversation. “we covenant to … read more.

Wisdom Found In Community

It takes a village … it takes a community … this morning we explore the wisdom found within our community and the wisdom of being in a community. This is also our Commitment Sunday.

Presenter: Rev Debra Faulk

Worship Arts Facilitator: Lara Shannon

Music: Music Director Jane Perry

Standing Up to Hate:

How to stand up to hate without bullying, belittling or being a bystander.

Using Sikhee Teachings, we will explore how Sikhs are decolonizing Sikhee and taking a stand against hatred without using colonial tactics and tools.

Presenter: Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning*

Worship Arts Facilitator: Lynn Nugent

Music: Music Director Jane … read more.