Guaranteed Basic Income

Is the Goal Simplicity or Fast Cars?

The COVID19 pandemic has ripped the band-aid off many unjust elements of Canadian society including economic inequality. Today’s service will explore basic income and if economic equality is about the gift of simplicity or the fast car to leave … read more.

This Precious Life

This Precious Life

Presenter: Lara Shannon


Lammas, or Lughnasa, The Festival of the First Fruits

The Celtic tradition of the Lammas Fair, stories of Lugh of the long arm

Everyone to bring some “first fruits” (could be raspberries, peas or beans, rhubarb, or the like), and a little piece of bread.

Presenter: Brandis Purcell


UU Curious?

UU Curious? Your chance to learn more and ask questions about Unitarian Universalism

Presenter: Rev Debra Faulk


White Fragility Primer

White Fragility Primer or Virtual Shared Ministry

Presenters: Rev Debra Faulk & Jane Ebbern


Virtual Pride

Virtual Pride

Presenters: Youth, Hollie Noelle, Sheila MacMaster, Rev Debra Faulk and others