Unitarianism and Paganism

Pagans revere the Earth and all its creatures. They see all life as interconnected, and strive to manifest this belief as seen in the cycles of nature.  The Wheel of the Year is a central concept. The Wheel can be seen as a metaphor for the cycle of a single life, from birth to death. It serves to remind us of our connection to the rest of the natural world.  Today we will be turning the Wheel toward Samhain, and talking about the connection between contemporary Paganism and UUism. How do they inform, nourish, and enrich each other?

Presenters: Louise Bunn*, Huguette Sansonset & Laurie Anderson (from Vancouver)

Worship Arts Associate: Lynn Nugent & Mary Anna Louise Kovar

Music: Music Director Jane Perry


*Louise has a particular interest in nature religions. She wrote the Unitarian Universalist adult religious education curriculum “Paganism 101”, which is used across the denomination. She has a Master’s Degree in “Myth, Cosmology, and the Sacred” at the University of Canterbury in the UK. She has been an active member of Unitarian Church of Vancouver since 1996. She works as a sculptor and painter with a busy studio on Granville Island. Her artwork is inspired by the processes of change and transformation, and she explores how we, as human beings, embed ourselves in the world to find meaning during our time here.