In Awe – Fire Communion

In Awe – Fire Communion, December 27, 2020 @ 10:30 AM

Presenter: Mary Anna Louise Kovar, Musicians: Jane Perry, Tri UU,   Chalice Table Lynn Nugent

One of the traditions of the Calgary Unitarians as we enter the New Year is a Fire Communion. This ritual is a shared acknowledgement of the experiences and lessons of the past year and an opportunity to make intentional choices for the year to come. We do this with gratitude for what has been experienced and hope for the future. Come join us in the celebration.

“We invite you to have a small piece of paper and a pencil/pen to write or draw that which you will commit to the fire. Consider your options for participating in the ritual – an outdoor firepit(a common acquisition during Covid); an indoor fireplace; a fire-proof container with a lid (light paper, drop in container and have lid ready if needed); or a new destroy/empower symbol of your own imagining.”