Awakening a New Consciousness

Connie is delighted to discuss the evolving consciousness of humanity as it travels along its collective journey to the Divine and to a peaceful and collaborative world. Humanity has reached a stage in its evolution that requires radically different modes of thinking and acting. Against the background of daunting challenges facing humanity, we are being required to refresh our relationships with each other and with God. She will share concepts introduced in the 19th century by Bahá’u’lláh, the Founder of the Bahá’í Faith.

Presenter: Connie Waterman

Worship Arts Facilitator: Lynn Nugent

Music: Music Director Jane Perry

Brief Bio for Connie Waterman

Connie is retired, having had a lifelong career running a successful Health and Fitness

Consulting business. She is a dedicated member of the Bahá’í Faith, having served for almost 50 years as public affairs officer, marriage registrar, children’s education coordinator, and teaching coordinator. She is currently serving as the president of the board of the Multifaith Action Society (MAS), the oldest interfaith group in the province. Along with hosting forums to encourage interfaith dialogue, MAS produces the multifaith calendar.


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