Order of Service

January 16, 2022

Interim Minister: Rev. Shelly Thompson

Worship Associate: Lynn Nugent

Welcomer: Jane Ebbern

Music Director: Jane Perry

Dir. Religious Education: Sheila MacMaster

& the CU A/V Wizards!

♫ Prelude: Little Prelude in D, BWV 925 (J. S. Bach)      Jane Perry

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement                   Jane Ebbern

Chalice Lighting/Opening Words                           Rev. Shelly Thompson

♫ Opening Hymn: I Am Willing                            Jane Perry

Time for all ages/CYRE                                        Sheila MacMaster

Reflection                                                             Lynn Nugent

Sermon: Intention and Immunity to Change           Rev. Shelly Thompson

Meditation                                                            Rev. Shelly Thompson

♫ Music: Let the Life I Lead                                  Jane Perry

Candles of Care and Concern                                 Rev. Shelly Thompson

♫ Music: Sending You Light                                 Jane Perry

Offering & 4 Others: Awo Taan                             Rev. Shelly Thompson

♫ Offertory: Little Prelude in F, BWV 927 (J. S. Bach)     Jane Perry  

Closing Words/Extinguishing the Chalice               Rev. Shelly Thompson

♫ Closing Hymn: Be the Change                          Jane Perry