Revised Building COVID Protocols
For everyone’s health and safety, vaccinations are strongly encouraged for all entering the building but are not required. Masking is also not required generally in the building. Please feel free to wear your mask for your own comfort and safety. 
We have strategically placed Air Purifiers with Hepa Filters in Panabaker, Wickenden and the lower level main area and classrooms. 
Please Note: despite all our efforts, we must recognize that Calgary Unitarians cannot guarantee a 100% COVID-free environment either inside or outside its building, and therefore those who participate in activities on Calgary Unitarians property do so at their own risk.
We will now offer Sunday services in a hybrid format:
  1. In Panabaker Hall at full seating capacity without any requirement for masking during the service. Children are welcome to be present with their parents. The Children’s programming is running during worship.
  2. In Wickenden Hall (watching on the large screen), with separated seating and masking for those who need to be more cautious re COVID. We therefore ask that anyone choosing to sit in Wickenden for the service also be vaccinated. 
  3. On Zoom webinar 

Coffee will be available  before the service  and our usual coffee hour (unmasked with no distancing), will start in Wickenden right after the service.  And online coffee hour will be available on Zoom

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