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Co-op gift cards are not only handy to use for yourself, they make great gifts for friends and family!!  It costs you nothing (only what you would normally spend on groceries or gas), and Co-op pays back a % to the church. Please consider supporting this important fundraiser for the church.

Orders will be taken up until Friday, January 27th, for pickup February 5th.  The NEXT order won’t be until mid-March, so be sure to load up!


1) ORDER/PLEDGE – deadline is Friday, January 27th  (@4pm).  Email your order pledge to coopcards@calgaryunitarians.ca
Tell us:  a) amount of order, b) denomination for cards  (lowest is $50), and c) type of card: regular (food & gas) or liquor.

2)  PAY: Required before you can get your card(s) and must be done IN ADDITION to the pledge in step 1.

  1. a) Preferred method – send an e-transfer with your pledge amount to:
    e-transfer@calgaryunitarians.ca.    Make sure you identify “Co-op Cards” in the notes section.
  2. b) If you don’t do online banking/e-transfer, contact us at coopcards@caso we can work out the best way to get your cheque.

3)  PICKUP:    We plan to  have cards available for safe distribution by Sunday, February 5th.

We will contact everyone who orders cards with more specific details, i.e. date and time for pickup – alternate arrangements will be made for those who are unable to come to pick up their cards.

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