Come Worship With Us!

We are so excited for some of us to be in our building together again! COVID safety protocols have made it a big challenge for us to “do church” the way we would like. We continue to be saddened and disappointed that not everyone is able to attend in person under these trying circumstances. We will continue to live stream worship on Zoom as we have been doing. We do want to offer the opportunity for those of you double vaccinated folks who are feeling able and willing to come in the building on Sunday to do so as safely as possible. Please read our safety protocols and sign up directions below.
Feel free to contact Rev. Shelly or Jane Ebbern with any questions or concerns. We hope to see you soon! Be well, take good, care, and remember that you are not alone!
Love, Rev. Shelly
Gradual Return to our Beloved Calgary Unitarians Building.

Dear members and friends,

The Board of Trustees approved a set of COVID building regulations for Unitarians to return to some in-person activity.  Note: despite all our efforts, we must recognize that Calgary Unitarians cannot guarantee a 100% COVID-free environment either inside or outside its building, and therefore those who participate in activities on Calgary Unitarians property do so at their own risk.

Starting September 1st, everyone entering the building over the age of 12, must be double vaccinated for at least 14 days and masks must be worn.

We started a gradual return to the building a couple of weeks ago with the services being presented livestream from Panabaker and no live audience. We will continue to offer a Zoom livestream service and the ability to watch it at a later date on YouTube.

This Sunday October 17, we would like to invite 21 spaced out, masked, double vaccinated participants to attend the service in Panabaker, and another 21 spaced out, masked, double vaccinated participants to attend the service in Wickenden. There will be singing while wearing masks!

You need to register using the link below to to ensure that we are all able to practice social distancing in the spaces.

From Monday to Wednesday evening, priority will be given to people who live completely alone.

On Thursday, we will open up registration to couples etc. if there are still spaces available. People who live alone – make sure you register online or phone between Monday morning and Wednesday evening in order to reserve a spot. Everyone attending must pre-register. When you register you have to register with one person per slot.

If for some reason you cannot get the online sign up to work, then phone our office at 403-276-2436 and leave your name, phone number and the date of what service you want to attend in person.

Note: there will be no children attending this service – it is for vaccinated adults only.

Everyone attending the service should be pre-registered and should only enter via the Wickenden door, already masked. The doors will open at 10:15 am.

If you have any COVID symptoms, please stay home. You will be greeted by a board member at the door and directed to Panabaker for your service seat.

There will be no indoor socializing after the Sunday service, but people will be encouraged to gather outdoors to chat safely.

Please feel free to call me at 403-283-7162 if you have any questions here.
Jane Ebbern, President, Board of Trustees