2022-2023 Cottage Meetings and Focus Groups for Your Settled Minister Search

An integral part of searching for a new settled minister is having the Search Committee meet and converse with as many members of the congregation as possible.

To do so, we have set up many opportunities for us to meet via Zoom and gather members from each of our many committees/teams and communities to discuss who we are as a congregation and what kind of minister will fit our needs.

Go to the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L-yMiOrUEzq-9JDBNiiBQXfKqamoK2bi10tanhepeWM/edit?usp=sharing to see the details.

All times are open to all members. Join to get your thoughts and opinions heard. We look forward to seeing and listening to all of you.

Your Search Committee

All on ZOOM:

Religious Education and Youth Group Focus Group

Finance Focus Group

STAFF Focus Group

Ministry Focus Group

Parents Focus Group

Social and Environmental Justice And People with Disabilities Focus Group

Indigenous Peoples and Global Majority- Racialized People Focus Group

CU Members Focus Group

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