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“Water Warriors” – First Nations say that “Water is life.”


CU’s Social Justice Committee presents the gripping story of the New Brunswick First Nation, the Elsipogtog, who led a public campaign to protect the province’s water supply and managed to block a multibillion dollar foreign corporation from its plan to start widespread fracking for oil.  
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Stewardship: Perseverance for the Planet

Many religious traditions promote some concept of stewardship — that it is our responsibility to care for the environment and each other. When the systems we have created to “enhance” human comfort are at risk of destroying the planet, we need to see our stewardship … read more.

The Perseverance of Youth

What could youth have to persevere through that’s so tough? Learn about the realities of modern teen life and what it takes to cope in this eye-opening service planned and presented by our youth.
Presenters: Members of Calgary Unitarians’ Youth Community
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Intentional Interdependence

How can Interdependence encourage us to move away from the concept of perfectionism; a need to be all things to all people?